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    Sunday, July 6, 2008

    More Body Painting

    Finally a chance to put into practise all the information and training from Lynne Jamieson's (painting shirts) and Mark Reid's (painting jeans) Body Painting classes last year!!

    Again, this is just my photograph - I can't wait for the photographers proofs. :o)

    This took about three and a half hours, which only goes to show that understanding the process and deliberatly painting the shadows in as you go rather than adding them at the end can really speed up a body paint!

    I learnt so much from going to their classes, they are definately worth the money if you want to improve your body painting. Lynne ( and Mark ( have different styles and approaches but that enables you to take the elements that make sense to you and formulate your own approach. Lynne's understanding of light and how to capture it in paint is second to none and Mark's ability to simplify something down to its basic process to make you a more efficient painter is fantastic.

    If you get a chance - take a class!!


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