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    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Registered Trade Mark - Cats Whiskers Face Painting

    The Cats Whiskers Face Painting website is now fully up to date with the Registered Trade Marks for Cats Whiskers Face Painting - it's only taken me a month to get around to it. LOL! Anyhow, it gives me a very warm and smiley feeling to know that my company logo is safe and sound. :)


    Recruiting new face painters - are you interested?

    It's that time of year again and Cats Whiskers Face Painting are looking to recruit new face painters for the coming Summer season.

    Our recruitment ad is on Gumtree:

    If you are interested please send through your CV and we'll be in touch. :)


    Scooby Doo face painting design

    Here's a Scooby Doo face painting design that we do at Cats Whiskers Face Painting.

    I'm posting this for Carol from the Face and Body Painting group on Google ( who is looking for a Scooby Doo face painting design for the weekend.

    The trick with Scooby is that his nose needs to be painted higher than you would normally on a typical face painted dogs face. That then lets you put the cheeks & jowls in the correct place.

    Hope it helps.


    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Traditional Party Games - Kings / Queens Keys

    I've always known this party game as Queens Keys - but researching on the internet I found something similar called Stalkers, so I guess there are many versions. This is good for those five years and up.

    You will need:
    A group of children sat in a circle, a blindfold (big scarf), a chair in the centre of the circle and a bunch of keys underneath it. Several adults to supervise.

    The object of this party game is silence :)

    Sit someone on the chair in the centre of the circle with the blindfold on. They are the Queen or King.

    The main adult supervising the game will select one of the children sat in the circle by touching them on the head. They will be the thief.

    The thief then has to walk quietly around the outside of the circle and back through the space where they were originally sat to get to the chair and take the keys.

    When the thief is selected the adult lets the Queen/King know that there is someone ready to steal the keys. The King/Queen then has to listen for any sounds and point at them. (Which means the rest of the circle has to be very quiet!) If they point directly at the thief, the thief is out and another person will be selected. This is where having several adults to supervise can help. Often the thief will contest the fact that the King/Queen actually pointed at them so several pairs of eyes are useful. :)

    If the thief steals the keys then they get to be the Queen/King!

    Variations: Using the scenario above, you can give the King/Queen a torch and turn the lights out for the game. Then instead of pointing they can shine the torch to try and catch the thief.

    Another option is to get all the children to line up at one end of the room with the King/Queen on their chair at the opposite end of the room. The children in the line are allowed to start advancing quietly across the room with a small time interval between them. Again, you'll need plenty of adult spotters to make sure those who are pointed at return to the back of the line and start again! This option is possibly better for the younger children who won't be able to sit still in the circle until it's their turn!

    Have fun! Please post your comments if you give this game a go.


    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Make-up artist - Lauren Luke

    I've just stumbled across Lauren Luke ( Take a look at her website and listen to her story on her About Me page. It's truly inspiring!! She's a lady from the North of England with a talent for make-up that started doing regular spots on You Tube and who now has a massive following, has been on TV in the UK & USA and now has a make-up range!

    If you want to know how to create the latest make-up looks check her out on You Tube:



    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Web article and pictures from the Evening Post

    Here's the article from the Bristol City website about the Comic Relief body painting and the picture from the Bristol Evening Post. :)


    Cats Whiskers paint Bristol City players for Comic Relief!

    This afternoon Sharon and I met Adriano Basso and Ivan Sproule, football players for Bristol City, at the David Lloyd gym (, Ashton Gate as part of a fund raising activity at the Gym for Comic Relief.

    Adriano had his face painted with his famous saying "Always Believe" and the Red Nose designs whilst Ivan had his chest painted with a Red Nose version of the Bristol City Supporters club shield.

    The full story and photos can be found on the Bristol City website:,,10327~1589803,00.html


    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Cherry Blossom Boudoir Body Painting images

    Cherry Blossom Boudoir photography launched in Bristol on 14th February. (

    Sharon and I joined Becki, Cherry Blossom's talented photographer and the lovely models Zoe and Justine for a Boudoir body painting photo shoot.

    Here are two sample pictures from the shoot. Sharon painted a stunning red corset on Zoe and Justine and I tried to recreate a Joanne Gair image that we'd liked. (


    Snazaroo advert using our Body Painting!!

    Snazaroo (, the face & body paint manufacturer based in Minehead, Somerset has used one of my body painting images for their advertising in the latest edition of Illusion Magazine (!

    I also have a face painting techniques article in the magazine.

    Happy day!


    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Little Monster Baby & Toddler Show

    Here are a few pictures from the Little Monster Baby & Toddler Show at the weekend.
    Sharon and Nina had a fantastic time doing face painting & balloon modelling!
    They were very busy - as usual at this event!
    You can see Sharon in the photo's with the new and rather gorgeous banner for BabyKicks! The leaflets for BabyKicks flew off the table - so we're looking forward to being busy body painting more pregnant bumps in the near future!

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Bodys Alive! Video

    This blog all started when I returned from FABAIC, Orlando at the end of May last year and decided to share the experience I'd had. Whilst at the Face & Body Art International Convention I had taken part in a body painting show which was the brain child of Christopher Agostino - and it was fantastic!!

    Unfortunately the video of the performance has yet to come to light, but this clip of people preparing back stage has been posted on YouTube. It takes me right back there with all the noise and chatter and absolutely staggering art being created.

    Here's the link:

    Hope you like it!


    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    BabyKicks is launched on FaceBook

    Do you Facebook? If so you can read all about our latest joint venture with Blue Skies Photography.

    BabyKicks is a celebration of pregnancy and will transform your bump into a work of art!

    For more information go to or if you are not on Facebook, take a look at our websites: or

    To mark the launch there is a special offer until the 14th March 2009 where a BabyKicks session will cost £95 (usual price £125).

    Booking is through Blue Skies Photography.

    Best wishes

    Friday, March 6, 2009

    The Little Monster Baby & Toddler Show, Ashton Gate, Bristol THIS SUNDAY

    Come along to Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol, UK this weekend to visit the Little Monster Baby & Toddler Show ( Last year it was really well attended and we were rushed off our feet, and this year promises to be even better!

    We're also launching BabyKicks in conjunction with Blue Skies Photography ( and will have our new banner on display and reather lovely leaflets to give out to everone who comes by! :)

    Looking forward to see you there!!


    Monday, March 2, 2009

    Traditional Party Games - Pass the Parcel

    OK, so this is one that everybody knows but there are variations that might prove useful for you!

    You will need: A small prize that has been wrapped with many layers of paper. It doesn't have to be expensive wrapping paper. Pages from magazines and newspapers are great!

    If you are in a situation where you're likey to play this game regularly or you really hate the waste, you can make draw string bags of slightly smaller sizes - like Russian dolls - for the wrapping.

    You can put a sweet inbetween each layer for the children, but I prefer to put a forfeit inbetween each layer.

    If you are trying to be fair and make sure that everyone gets a turn at unwrapping a layer you will need to make sure you know how many layers there are! A simple way of gauging when you are close to the prize is to change the type of wrapping. Use silver foil for a layer, for example. Alternatively if you are using forfeits, you can write the number of layers on the back so that the person in charge of the game knows!!

    Example Forfeits:
    These were used for a 7 year olds High School Musical Party - but you get the idea and you can adapt for your theme!

    Say the days of the week backwards
    What character does Zac Efron play?
    Shake hands with everyone in the circle
    Act like a chicken
    Sing Baa baa black sheep
    Skip around the outside of the circle
    Act like a monkey
    Name seven things that you would find in a bathroom
    Wear a pair of gloves for the rest of the game
    Pat your head and rub your tummy
    Hop around the outside of the circle
    Sing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive…
    Count from 10 backwards to 0
    What is the name of the actress that plays Sharpay?
    In which High School Musical film is the song “Bet on it”?
    Sing and do the actions for Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes.
    Say the tongue twister, “Peter Piper picked a pec of pickled peppers, a pec of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked” four times really quickly or pick an adult to do it for you!
    Dance like Sharpay
    Stretch up high and then touch your toes
    Name seven things that you can find at school
    Wear a woolly hat for the rest of the game
    Have two sweets!
    Shout “Wildcats!” really loudly
    Say all the months of the year
    Act like a basket ball player
    Act like someone playing golf
    Touch all four walls of the room
    Act like a cheerleader
    Say the nursery rhyme, Mary had a little lamb
    Sing “Twinkle twinkle little star”

    How to play:

    Sit the children in a circle and have someone operate the CD player to stop and start the music. Keep up a reasonable pace with stopping the music so you maintain the interest of the children. Have someone else armed with a bin bag to clear up the wrapping as you go.

    When the music stops the child holding the parcel takes of a layer and does the forfeit - if you've included them. If they are shy, let them nominate a friend to do their forfeit with them. If they do it successfully depending upon your view on rewards they can just get a round of applause from the circle, be offered a sweet or offered a small non-sugar related gift.

    Depending upon the number of children and the number of wrappings, this game can take up quite a bit of time - particularly if you've added forfeits! :)

    Have fun.