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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    Traditional Party Games - Kings / Queens Keys

    I've always known this party game as Queens Keys - but researching on the internet I found something similar called Stalkers, so I guess there are many versions. This is good for those five years and up.

    You will need:
    A group of children sat in a circle, a blindfold (big scarf), a chair in the centre of the circle and a bunch of keys underneath it. Several adults to supervise.

    The object of this party game is silence :)

    Sit someone on the chair in the centre of the circle with the blindfold on. They are the Queen or King.

    The main adult supervising the game will select one of the children sat in the circle by touching them on the head. They will be the thief.

    The thief then has to walk quietly around the outside of the circle and back through the space where they were originally sat to get to the chair and take the keys.

    When the thief is selected the adult lets the Queen/King know that there is someone ready to steal the keys. The King/Queen then has to listen for any sounds and point at them. (Which means the rest of the circle has to be very quiet!) If they point directly at the thief, the thief is out and another person will be selected. This is where having several adults to supervise can help. Often the thief will contest the fact that the King/Queen actually pointed at them so several pairs of eyes are useful. :)

    If the thief steals the keys then they get to be the Queen/King!

    Variations: Using the scenario above, you can give the King/Queen a torch and turn the lights out for the game. Then instead of pointing they can shine the torch to try and catch the thief.

    Another option is to get all the children to line up at one end of the room with the King/Queen on their chair at the opposite end of the room. The children in the line are allowed to start advancing quietly across the room with a small time interval between them. Again, you'll need plenty of adult spotters to make sure those who are pointed at return to the back of the line and start again! This option is possibly better for the younger children who won't be able to sit still in the circle until it's their turn!

    Have fun! Please post your comments if you give this game a go.


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