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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    The website has been updated

    I've spent the day tweaking the website and I've just uploaded a new version.

    There are some new pictures - mainly on the front pages - and a couple of articles, one is a review of my private training workshop and the other shows publicity generated by our body painting for Cancer Research UK.

    We have a whole page dedicated to Glitter Tattoos now and hope it will help boost their popularity because they are a lot of fun and look amazing.

    Also, I've added the Baby Kicks - pregnant tummy art - page to the main menu so it is more easily accessible.

    I've also taken away the separate page for our clients comments and added an appropriate comment onto the individual services pages. Remember that if you want to add any comments about Cats Whiskers and our services they can be added on this blog and also on our Facebook group, the link to which can now be found on the Memberships and Associations page of the website.

    I hope you like the changes! Let me know if you spot any spelling mistakes or horrific grammar. LOL!


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