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    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    So much fun, so little time!

    A big thank you to everyone who booked us during the summer! The Cats Whiskers team have had SO much fun!! :) We've been to parties, festivals, summer camps, fun days and open days all over the area in Bristol, Bath and the South West. So, my apologies for taking so long to update the blog - but there has just been way too much fun going on for me to catch up until now.

    So, the children are back at school, the tree's are turning colour, nights are drawing in and we're really looking forward to Halloween!!

    But before we get carried away with the witches and vampires, here are some of the highlights of the summer:

    Camp Xtra workshop -

    Private commission for a fancy dress party - quote from the client, "Thanks very much, it was a great success and was cool how realistic it looked. I'm sure that I'll be in touch again if another opportunity arises to be painted for some reason. It was great fun and just made the costume come alive."

    Henna design for a holiday:

    From South Gloucestershire library workshops:

    A Ben 10 party:

    Freshers welcome weekend:

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