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    Friday, February 5, 2010

    Cats Whiskers Face Painting International

    I've been running Cats Whiskers for eight years now and during that time I have met and worked with some lovely and fantastically talented people. Two of these people have taken Cats Whiskers Face Painting to the international market place.

    My original partner in crime was a fabulous lady called Cate Frampton who has subsequently emigrated to Melbourne, Australia and started Cats Whiskers over there ( You can even find a picture of me from years ago in her gallery!!

    Now the amazing talent that is Nina Griffee, who moved to Beijing in August last year, is entertaining at birthday parties in China with her fantastic face painting skills.
    Here she is painting a fairy for one of her clients.

    She's still wearing our orange Cats Whiskers t-shirt when she goes face painting, which must confuse her clients if they check out the website to find it's a company based in Bristol, England.

    We're very much looking forward to seeing and working with Nina again when she rejoins our Bristol and Bath based team for the summer season. Then who knows where her travels will take her and what countries in the world will experience the "Cats Whiskers effect". ;)

    Take care, Helen

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