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    Monday, November 24, 2008

    Christmas Penguin Cheek Art design step by step

    Last week the Cats Whiskers Face Painting team got together for our monthly training night and we focused on Christmas Cheek Art - as it is the season!

    Here's a step by step for a Christmas Penguin using Snazaroo face paints:

    Step 1: Using white, start with two petal shapes next to each other for the eye area and then extend the body down. Add a white line just above the eyes for the base of the hat and remember the ball on the end!

    Step 2: Using red, fill in the hat area.

    Step 3: Using yellow or orange add the beak. Then create the feet by overlapping three petal shapes.

    Step 4: Using black, outline the white body and add wings.

    Step 5: Using black and a fine brush, outline the details and add eyes.

    Once you have the general idea of creating a penguin you can have some fun with the design, as shown in this design by the talented Nina Faye!

    Best wishes


    Helen said...

    Step 2 should read red not white. And I looove the ski-ing penguin: genius!

    Helen @ Cats Whiskers said...

    LOL! Thanks Len! I'm glad someone is proof reading it for me. :)