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    Monday, November 15, 2010

    Using Snazaroo Iridescent Powders in Face Painting

    The Snazaroo range of iridescent powders have many uses in Face Painting. They can be applied to the skin to create a smooth shimmering base for full face designs or can be used for spectacular eye shadow creations.

    In hot and humid conditions or when you are dealing with active children the powders are particularly good for creating a bright and comfortable base for the children’s face paint designs that won’t easily sweat off.

    The powders can be applied directly onto the skin with a damp sponge or brush to create a stronger colour or applied with a dry sponge or brush for a more subtle translucent appearance.

    Try using the dry powders to add shimmer and highlights on top of a face painted base before adding the final line work to complete the design.

    To apply damp:
    Cut a Snazaroo high density sponge in half. Dip in water and squeeze out all the excess water so that the sponge is just damp, or spray lightly with a water mister and then using the flat inside edge of the sponge pick up a small amount of powder. Work the powder into the sponge using the lid of the iridescent powder container. When the edge of the sponge is evenly covered apply to the face.

    When applying dry make sure that you tap your applicator on the edge of the pot before applying to remove excess so that you can control the application of the powder.

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