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    Friday, June 6, 2008

    Promotional Body Painting for Donation Station - Cancer Research UK

    Sharon from Cats Whiskers has been in the papers again! She made it into the Bath Chronicle for her part in the Cancer Research UK Donation Station launch in the Podium Shopping Centre.

    She only had an hour to paint the logos onto two tummy's. We were sent the designs in advance so that we could cut the stencils which obviously cut down the application time and kept the logos entirely accurate!

    Here's a close up of the Donation Station one - it's a four part stencil which can be fun to match up but it looks really effective! The male model who was booked for the event didn't show up on time (he was nearly two hours late when he finally showed up!!), so one of the organisers went on a hunt for suitably 'buff' male members of the public to be a model and this guy took on the challenge!! Good for him! LOL!


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